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What’s Got Us Talking 18th November 2022

The latest news from across the industry that ‘got us talking

Take a look at our bi-weekly news round-up of what’s got the team talking, a collection of topical industry news from both our marine, industrial and off-highway sectors.


Serco wins £200m follow-on contract to provide marine services for the Royal Navy

Serco has been awarded a contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to continue to provide marine services for the Royal Navy.

Following the end of the 15-year private finance initiative (PFI) arrangements for the provision of marine services, the new agreement is with the Royal Navy directly.  The contract, which is valued at around £200m, will last for 27 months commencing in December 2022 and follows on directly from the current PFI, ensuring continuity of support.  The MOD has an option to extend the contract for up to six months.


Stage V engine debuts in Sandvik Toro Narrow Vein Loader

Upgrading the three-tonne loader for narrow vein applications, Sandvik has unveiled a new Stage V compliant engine that joins the bull family of Sandvik as the Toro LH202.

Previously known as Sandvik LH202, the new Toro LH202 loader is a workhorse designed specifically for narrow-vein underground mining applications.

With its robust structure, very compact size and three-tonne payload capacity, the loader is tailored to meet productivity targets in challenging environments and is optimised to fit tunnel widths between 2 and 2.5 meters to reduce dilution.

In addition to underground narrow vein mines, the Toro LH202 is ideally suited for tunneling applications.

Electric Boat Maker X Shore Speaks With CleanTechnica About Its New Vessel & The Company’s Future

Much of the visibility electric vehicles enjoy right now is focused on electric cars, SUVs, and trucks. Fortunately, the electrification of transportation also includes water-based people movers

In the United States there may be as many as 12 million registered leisure craft. In Europe, that figure is about 6 million, according to the European Boating Industry website. Typically, such watercraft employ gas or diesel-powered engines which generate various forms of pollution: air, water, noise, and greenhouse gas emissions.