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The key to a successful decarbonisation project

The key to a successful decarbonisation project

Integration. The key to successful decarbonisation projects – the driveline perspective.

Why integration is key to maximising performance and ROI of

zero and low carbon projects through complete system

integration and vessel understanding, exploring critical drivers in

successful decarbonisation projects.


  • Introduction – Why should I start the consideration path to electric? Legislation, fuel efficiency, cost saving, reducing carbon footprint!


  • The Challenge – Optimising design and product combination for a successful electric install or retrofit.


  • Key Factors for Success – Understand the requirements you need to capture from your vessel to make any electrification project successful, both in design and ROI.


  • The Driveline – The driveline varies depending on the solution. Discover what your vessel needs between its prime mover and its propeller!


  • Solutions – What electric/hybrid solution best fits your vessel requirements, and how to identify this?


  • Opportunities for performance improvement – How to increase performance to suit your operating profile.


  • Example Project Steps – Learn which steps you should take to transition to electric/hybrid successfully.


  • Case Study – Read our case study on reducing fuel consumption with no loss in performance.

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White Paper: The key to a successful decarbonisation project