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Service Customer

I was recently in the position where my boat was unserviceable due to a faulty bow thruster. I tracked down your company as the parent company of the source of the part I required. I was referred to Ms Gill Bainbridge to deal with my enquiry.

Ms Bainbridge located and sent me a manual for the bow thruster. Over the phone I guided her to the part I required with the assistance of the manual. She located the part number and price and checked it with an engineer. She placed a priority order to the warehouse in Italy. And finally on receipt of the part, ensured it was despatched, even although it was last thing on a Friday afternoon.

My engineer received the part and the boat was made serviceable.

Can I say that this represents the highest level of customer service that I have experienced for some time. As a businessman, I cannot stress enough how positively this quality of service reflects on your company. My thanks for Ms Bainbridge’s support in my time of need.