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Lee Rayment Director, and engineer. Solent and Wightline Cruises

Our engines were approaching 22,000 hours and we again decided to renew the engines. They are more reliable, and it works out more cost effective than overhauls. Reliability is essential in our business. A breakdown in season is not an option.

We have used Scania Engines and Twin Disc Gearboxes in our larger vessels for over 35 years. It was a logical replacement to our vessel Solent Cat. Originally fitted with Scania DI14’s and Twin Disc MG5114’s in the year 2000, we stuck with the same reliable power train. However, this upgrade, we decided to opt for the electronic controls for the Gearbox as well as the engine.

The last Scania’s were electronic, so we chose the MGX Twin Disc to complement the system, giving us Twin Disc EC300 electronic controls. This preserves the drive train thoroughly and protects as well as prolongs the whole system.

Our installation was completed by our own staff and management. By the day of sea trials, there was minimal work to be done, followed by a very successful running trial proving an excellent installation with impressive results. We took a little extra time and managed to achieve alignment as close as four thou across the whole coupling gave a very smooth running engine.

The gearbox is connected to the shaft via an R&D Coupling to increase the smoothness of the vessel and its drive.

We would wholeheartedly recommend all parts that we have used this installation that include Scania, Twin Disc and R&D.