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Twin Disc AM Pump Drive Range: A Comprehensive Solution for Hydraulic Systems

Twin Disc AM Pump Drive Range: A Comprehensive Solution for Hydraulic Systems

The Twin Disc line of pump drives, available from MIT, offers a versatile and robust solution for hydraulic systems across various applications. With a range of gear ratios that include options for both speed increasing and speed reducing configurations, these pump drives are designed to meet the diverse requirements of hydraulic setups.

Modular Design and Input Options

The pump drives’ modular design ensures compatibility with different input requirements. Users can choose from several input options, such as a rubber block drive or a clutch that matches SAE engine flywheel dimensions. For applications requiring independent mounting, the drives offer direct options and those with a clutch.

Pump Mounting and Adaptations

Twin Disc provides standard SAE adaptor kits for pump mounting, as well as a multitude of non-SAE adaptations to cater to specialized needs. The features of these pump drives include:

  • Cast iron housings for durability.
  • Case hardened and ground spur gears, with certain models featuring shaved gears.
  • Dependable ball bearings.
  • Case hardened shafts for longevity.
  • Viton seals on the input shaft to resist high temperatures and chemicals.
  • Output rotation opposite to input rotation to accommodate different system configurations.
  • Consistent gear ratios across all outputs for each model ensuring reliability and predictability.

The Splitter Type Pump Drive

The splitter type pump drive is an engine flywheel mounted solution that is particularly suitable for applications needing hydraulic power only. Offered in configurations with 1 to 4 pump pads by MIT, this solution can drive a variety of pumps or hydraulic equipment using a single prime mover. This flexibility allows for up or down ratios, ensuring hydraulic pumps operate at optimum speeds.

Benefits of Splitter Pump Drives:

  • Multiple pump solutions with 1 to 4 pump pads for varied applications.
  • Utilizes all power transmitted from the engine for maximum efficiency.
  • Reduces the installed length for compact setups.
  • Separates pumps for multi-function control and versatility.
  • Offers both step-up and step-down ratios.
  • Ratio changes enable the engine to run at optimal levels for enhanced power and fuel efficiency.
  • Power input options include close-coupled internal combustion engines, electric motors, and remote sources.

Applications of Splitter Pump Drives:

  • Mobile Crushers, Screeners, and Recycling Equipment.
  • Hydraulic Power Packs.
  • Agricultural Equipment.
  • Defence Vehicles.
  • Drilling/Piling Rigs.

The Twin Disc AM pump drive range, available through MIT’s extensive expertise, stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in hydraulic power transmission. With its adaptable design and comprehensive feature set, it is an invaluable asset for a myriad of industrial applications.


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