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Reference Study: Implementation of the Bellmarine 20Kw DriveMaster in Sustainable Fishing Practices

Reference Study: Implementation of the Bellmarine 20Kw DriveMaster in Sustainable Fishing Practices

The launch of the first fully electric vessel in the UK fishing fleet, is a fantastic step towards sustainable energy solutions in the maritime industry. The case study of Lorna Jane, documented by the HM Coastguard, highlights the potential of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to power small-scale fishing vessels. Looking at vessels’ success, we can see how the Bellmarine 20Kw DriveMaster electric motor could be an eco-friendly and efficient marine propulsion solution for small to medium-sized fishing vessels.


It’s exciting to see the maritime industry increasingly focus on reducing its carbon footprint and operating costs by adopting renewable energy technologies. The Lorna Jane, designed and launched by Hans Unkles from Tayvallich, Scotland, is a great example of the feasibility and benefits of electric vessels powered predominantly by solar energy. By examining the Bellmarine 20Kw DriveMaster, we can see how it can provide a comparable solution for sustainable fishing practices.


Our study draws upon the specifications and operational data within the article to analyse the compatibility and performance of the Bellmarine 20Kw DriveMaster motor in a similar setting. Key factors considered include:

  • The motor’s power output.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Integration with solar charging systems.
  • Ability to meet the daily operational requirements of fishing vessels.


The vessel’s 20kw electric motor offers 30 horsepower, enabling it to cover up to 70 miles at approximately five knots for lobster fishing operations. The Bellmarine 20Kw DriveMaster is designed to deliver equivalent power while offering seamless integration with solar panel systems, ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy source for maritime activities.Marine Fully Electric


The success of Lorna Jane’s electric propulsion system, coupled with the specifications of the Bellmarine 20Kw DriveMaster, suggests that the latter could be implemented effectively within small and medium-sized fishing vessels. Its adaptability to various boat configurations and compatibility with renewable energy sources make it an attractive solution for fishermen seeking to reduce both environmental impact and operational costs.


In conclusion, the implementation of the Bellmarine 20Kw DriveMaster motor in the fishing industry has the potential to mirror the sustainable achievements of the Lorna Jane. With the correct application and investment, the DriveMaster could significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fuel costs, and the overall ecological footprint of the fishing fleet. We hope this study inspires more fishermen to consider sustainable alternatives to power their vessels and reduce their impact on the environment.

Please note that this reference study is a hypothetical analysis based on the information provided and the potential application of the Bellmarine 20Kw DriveMaster. Further research would be required for precise comparison and implementation strategies.

Review the cited article here.

Download the Bellamarine Spec Sheet here.