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Hybrid propulsion system for Cyclone 30-33/38

Hybrid propulsion system for Cyclone 30-33/38

The Transfluid hybrid transmission system is a versatile and easy-to-install system that integrates with standard engines and transmissions. It functions as an electric motor and generator, supporting up to 1100 kW in thermal power and 300 kW in electric mode. It is compatible with various transmission types and offers benefits such as reduced engine hours, noise reduction, and self-charging capabilities.

Vessel type: Cyclone 30-33/38
Vessel length: 9m to 10.6m
Beam: 3.35m to 3.8m
Electric speed: 5 kts (2.5hrs)**
Charging time: 4hrs with 7.5kW charger / 2.5hrs during diesel operation
Hybrid system: Transfluid HM2000 144Vdc
Battery: LiFePO4: 140Vdc – 210Ah**
Main engine: 1x 450hp at 3000rpm
System weight: approx. 820kg
System cost: €99,500 including battery (ex VAT)


Continuous power e.motor: 9kW (12hp at 920rpm)
Intermittent power e.motor: 21kW (at 1200rpm)
Generator power e.motor : 15 kW (at 1670rpm)

*with 20% left in batteryTransfluid HM2000
** based on 29.6kW battery

Suitable vessels: 

  • Chartering
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Angling
  • Survey
  • Patrol
  • Tour/sightseeing boats


Hybrid Propulsion System Kit

  • Transfluid HM2000
    EM2020 -20 144Vdc e-motor
    – Motor controller
    – Display TF1
    – Cabinet for electric signals
    – CANbus and signal cables
    – Single station control
    – Keyswitch
    – Remote monitoring system
    – Air power pack ‘come home system’
  • Battery LiFePO4 140Vdc- 210Ah- 29,6kWh
  • Battery charger
  • Cooling system


NB- larger motors and batteries are available to extend use or provide higher speed in electric mode.


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