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Trim Tab Systems

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Performance, Safety and Efficiency

Control stability and enhance maneuverability in all conditions with Twin Disc boat trim tabs. Combine corrosion-resistant stainless steel systems or aluminum systems with four hydraulic kits and an array of accessories to meet your specific application.

Series MY3000, MY4000 and MY5000 are available in simple tab (single plate) type for smaller boats and lower loads, and the reinforced tab (reinforced plate) for bigger applications. MY3000 series tabs feature a welded connection cylinder.

Better performance

  • Stern lifting and better balance
  • Faster planing and more inline power
  • Listing correction and reduced yawing and wandering

Increased safety

  • Improved visibility
  • Greater maneuverability at low speeds

Improved efficiency

  • Better engine performance
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Stay on plane even at slower speeds

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