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TA90 7500 1939 kW (2600 hp)

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TA90-7500 – Up to 1939 kW (2600 hp) at 1900 rpm

Designed to match engine life the new 7500 Series automatic transmission consists of a 9-speed coaxial power-shift transmission and an advanced electronic control system with a maximum gross input power rating up to 1939 kW (2600 hp) at 1900 RPM.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight yet durable aluminum housings reduce overall vehicle weight
  • Does not require a torque converter further contributing to overall weight savings
  • Compact in size and able to fit between a mobile equipment’s frame rails
  • Overall length of 1546 mm (61 in) provides narrow footprint
  • Smaller gear ratio steps provide delivery of higher average power
  • Less complicated plumbing makes it easier to fit into the cramped quarters of a frac rig
  • Offers two live 149 kW PTOs
  • Includes a torsional coupling
  • Automatic electronic oil level system available
  • In most cases standard engine oil may be used simplifying servicing requirements
  • Designed to match engine life
  • Made in America the TA90-7500 transmission features the same reliability and robust design on which Twin Disc built its reputation

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