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Stainless Steel Bellows

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There are two basic types of expansion bellows – singles and doubles, and their purpose is to absorb the movement in any pipework run that is mounted between two fixed points. Single bellows units are chiefly used to absorb axial movement, while double units are more suitable where lateral movement is present. To move a bellows in any direction a force must be applied. That force is the product of the movement and the spring rate of the bellows in the direction of the movement.

Rubber Design supplies a stainless steel bellows with a low stiffness, which achieves in combination with our flexible suspension the best control of vibrations and forces in pipe systems which provides optimal lifetime.

We can deliver bellows with welding ends or flanges. Standard we can supply flanges like DIN 86044, DIN PN 6/10. (For measurements see flange tables in the PDF-file), if required we are able to deliver other types of flanges e.g. JIS 5K and ANSI 150 LBS or a flange especially made in accordance with your desires. It is also possible to deliver the stainless steel bellows with a rotating flange to simplify assembling.

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