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Rubber Bellows

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Flexibility in pipework is indispensable in today’s technically advanced plant and machinery installations.

Rubber Design produces bellows and compensators of the highest quality standard that guarantee maximum safety and performance. Based on our years of experience we developed a wide range of products for cooling water, fuel and lubrication oil pipework systems. Not only tested in our labs but mainly in practice.

It is in the demanding conditions at sea that our products over the years have proven their quality and durability. But as there is always room for improvement we keep on developing new products. Using innovating techniques and new materials.

Rubber Design develops and produces a wide range of bellows and compensators that provide the compensation of thermal or mechanical movements, absorption and isolation of vibration, noise and shock, reduction of pressure pulses and compensation for pipework misalignment. In addition to that, our Research and Development team developed a fireproof sealing system to allow (exhaust) pipe constructions to pass decks without transmitting vibration, noise or heat to the surrounding structure of the ship. Our FiProTex® single pipe penetration combines the best quality fabrics and insulation materials to guarantee maximum safety and performance.

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