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Revermatic 95 kW (125 hp)

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The REVERMATIC is a Power shuttle transmission specifically designed for industrial applications requiring quick directional reversing and smooth clutch engagement. It consists of an hydraulically activated gear unit the forward and reverse multiple disc clutch assemblies are mounted on the lay shaft and input shaft respectivly . They are operated by the hydraulic selector electrically actuated with a patented built-in “soft shift� device. The trasnmission input shaft is connected to engine flywheel through a single stage torque converter which is selected in according to the engine rating and required transmission vehicle performances thanks to its characteristics it eliminates the mechanical connectionbetween engine and driven machine allowing smooth power transfer.


Drilling Machine
Earth Moving Machine
Forest Machinery
Fork Lift Trucks
Ground Support Equipment
Marine Propulsion
Mobile Cranes
Pump Sets
Road Compactors
Road Sweepers
Ski Lifts
Special Vehicles

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