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Marine Couplings


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Rubber Design has the in-house skills and expertise necessary to perform a complete dynamic analysis of a vessels propulsion system in order to select the correct coupling and engine mountings for each application. This ensures that the coupling and engine mountings work together in perfect harmony.

Marine Couplings type ERD
Pre-compressed rubber blocks form the basis of all ERD coupling designs. Natural rubber of 55˚-60˚Sh.A hardness is the standard material, but alternative mixes are available and neoprene blocks are used where additional damping is required. The blocks accommodate movement in all directions, making ERD couplings exceptionally tolerant of relative propeller shaft displacements in combination with flexible mounted propulsion engine and providing controlled torsional vibration excitation.

Advantages of the ERD marine coupling:
– Reduction of torque fluctuations
– Damping of torsional vibrations
– Reduction of resonance symptoms
– Compensating of radial, axial and angular shaft displacements
– Isolation of vibration and noise transmission

VF Flexible Couplings
The VF couplings are designed to provide low radial and axial stiffness required for connecting resilient mounted diesel engines to gearboxes. The new product range has been designed for a torque range from 5.000 to 18.000 Nm. The VF couplings provide the low radial and axial stiffness necessary to guarantee optimum performance of the resilient mounted system. The flexible engine mountings reduce the structure borne noise and vibration levels of the engines, resulting in a lower noise and vibration level on board the ship.

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