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KX Serie

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The KX is a fluid coupling with a special patented circuit designed to start up large inertia machines driven by eletric motors. The circuit includes two internal tanks connected by a scoop. The scoop works like a differential pump transferring the fluid from one chamber to the other and finally into the coupling working circuit through external adjustable valves. This double passage allows a long starting time with very low starting torque and absorbed current by the electric motor virtually isolating the effect of the inertia of driven machine.
The coupling can work using both oil and treated water as standard.


The fluid quantity in the working circuit is less than in traditional constant fill fluid couplings as the fluid level is much lower than the rotating axie. The reduced fluid quantity in the working circuit allows low starting torque. During input rotation the scoop transfers the fluid from tank A to tank B and then through an adjustable valve for starting time regulation to the working circuit.


Starting stall torque below 50% of the electric motor nominal torque.

Starting torque limitation also below nominal torque.

KX allows the fluid coupling removal without moving the electric motor or the driven machine avoiding the realignment.

KX has a fusible plug that in case of intevention releases the fluid from the working circuit to a tank preventing leakages into the ambient.

A steel body design suitable for underground mines is available.

The fluid filling operation is quite easy and apart from some particular cases it is not required to change the fluid during the test starting: the starting time can be optimized by changing on the externally adjustable valves.

KX fluid coupling is very suitable for driving machines having large powers and inertia: typical applications are mills and belt conveyors


They are also available certified according to directive 94/9/EC (Atex) covering all categories.

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