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K Series Fluid Coupling

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The K series is a constant fill fluid coupling comprising of following three main elements:

  1. Driving impeller (pump) mounted on the input shaft.
  2. Driven impeller (turbine) mounted on the output shaft.
  3. Cover, flanged to the output impeller, with an oil-tight seal.

The first two elements can work both as pump and/or turbine.


The TRANSFLUID coupling is a hydrokinetic transmission.
The impellers perform like a centrifugal pump and a hydraulic turbine.  The oil moves by centrifugal force across the blades of the turbine towards the outside of the coupling. Wear is practically zero since there are no mechanical connections.

In normal conditions (standard duty) the slip can vary from 1,5% (large power) to 6% (small power).

The K Series couplings follow the laws of all centrifugal machines:

  1. Transmitted torque is proportional to the square of input speed;
  2. The transmitted power is proportional to the cube of input speed;
  3. Transmitted power is proportional to the fifth power of circuit outside diameter.

The K Series couplings work using oil but they are also available for water operation upon request.

K Series couplings are also available certified according to directive 94/9/EC (Atex) covering all categories.

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