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HM2000 Marine Hybrid System

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HM560 Marine Hybrid System


Model  Input & Output Standard (1) SAE J617 & J620 Max Torque mb (lb-ft) Input Power Industrial kW (hp) – rpm Input Power Marine kW (hp) – rpm Weight kg (lbs)
HM560 SAE4 -10″ 560 (414) 111 (155)-3000 180 (240)-3800 120 (265)
HM2000 SAE3 -11.5″ 2000 (1478) 350 (470)-2600 435 (580)-3000 350 (772)
HM3350 SAE1 -14″ 3350 (2476) 500 (670)-2200 620 (830)-2300 560 (1236)
HM3600 SAE1/10-14″/18″ 6300 (4647) 920 (1230)-2100 1230 (1475)-2300 900 (1986)
HTM700 SAE4-10″ 560 (414) 140 (185)-3000 221 (487)


The HM hybrid system series is as simplicity at its best: the system had been designed to be fitted on any combustion engine, as long as it has an SAE standard flywheel and housing and to any type of SAE standard transmission. The “electric machine” has a double function, working as an electric motor in the electric mode and as an electric generator in the thermal power mode, and the HM560 model can be turned 360 degrees for the best position in the vehicle or the boat.

The HM series has been designed with the help of the main rechargeable battery manufacturers and of the main manufacturers of driving systems for permanent magnet electric motors, so as to be easily fitted between different components giving smooth communication between them.

The thermal power approved for the HM series can go up to 1100 kW (1475 hp) while the electric power can reach 300 kW (400 hp) by using four heads as power take-offs to fit the nominal 75 kw (100 hp) engines  (100 hp).

To install an HM system all you need is a few hundred millimetres between the diesel engine and the transmission.  Our hybrid system can be either fitted on new vehicles or boats or retro-fitted. An important feature is the flexibility of the system that allows you to fit it on any head of an electric motor not being used and install hydraulic or electric appliances for onboard facilities. The HM systems have a series of SAE standard power take-offs to install pumps or any other accessories normally used on vehicles or boats.

The HM system can be easily fitted to any transmission system such as: mechanical or power shift variable speed drives, hydrostatic transmissions, marine gearboxes and cardan shafts.

The management system MPCB is a device developed by TRANSFLUID, both in the hardware and software, able to manage the different functionalities (modes) of the hybrid system: Diesel, Electric, Booster and Generation, as well as integrating the information of other components and supervising the overall diagnostic system.

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HM560 Marine Hybrid System

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