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The HFO-HFR clutches have been developed by TRANSFLUID to meet the growing market demand for power take offs for high speed, high horsepower industrial engines and having remote control operation.
HFO consist of an oil actuated clutch assembly (dry plates) with shaft and bearings suitable for high radial loads mounted in a cast iron housing that provides for easy engine installation.
The connecting flange and housing to the engine are SAE standard. The oil actuation is provided by a rotating union mounted on the shaft end allowing the oil to engage and disengage the clutch.
This system allows the use of HFO for belt driven applications only. The oil actuation allows remote control as well as a larger transmittable torque compared to the traditional overcenter PTOs. In addition, due to the continuous pressure applied to the clutch plates, the HFO is a self adjusting clutch which drastically reduces the maintenance costs especially on heavy duty applications where plate wear is typical.
The HFR clutches have identical performances as HFO but it is designed for in-line applications. The oil actuation is provided by radial oil inlet in the bearing carrier allowing the same operation as HFO.

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