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Inverter 230 §Volt AC

Pure sinewave output provides the ideal power source for modern electronics. Short-circuit proof robust design that protects itself against AC shorts. Sophisticated circuitry
provides protection against overload, short circuit and over temperature. Adjustable under volts detection also protects the battery against excessive discharge.

Auto-start circuitry automatically switches the inverter ON and OFF with applied appliances. The auto-start is an important feature as it maximizes valuable battery capacity. Sensitivity of
the auto-start can be easily adjusted to either start small appliances or run continuously.

Some of the main features and benefits include:

  • Ruggedisation enhanced inverter protection to withstand high vibration and movement. A
    must-have for all mobile and marine applications.
  • RCD Protection Fit an RCD (Residual Current Device) to the inverter to protect the end-users
    from dangerous appliance faults. An extra level of safety important in mobile applications
    and emergency services.

Internal Automatic Transfer Switch (optional)

Allows the inverter to be connected to a secondary power source (eg. Generator, Grid); and automatically switch the output between
the inverter and secondary power source accordingly.

  • Peak Efficiency 94%

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