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Our FiProTex® single pipe penetration is a fireproof sealing system. Specially developed by our Research and Development team to allow (exhaust) pipe constructions to pass decks without transmitting vibration, noise or heat to the surrounding ship-structure.

In this unique product only the best quality fabrics and insulation materials are combined. This guarantees maximum safety and performance. The FiProTex® single pipe penetration seals, depending on the selected configuration, are suitable for A0, A15, A30 and A60 Decks.

The FiProTex® single pipe penetration seals provide:
– Compensation of thermal and/ or mechanical movement in axial, lateral or angular direction
– Isolation of vibration and heat as well as pipe work borne sound transmission
– Low reaction force due to movements
– Separation of compartments
– Compensation of pipework misalignment
– LRoS type approval

The design consists of a cuff, which is mounted to the deck on one side, either with a flange or a sleeve-on construction. The counter side is mounted in a similar way to the pipe construction that passes the deck. Depending on the construction method preferred, the FiProTex® single pipe penetration seals can be supplied in both a splitt and a non-splitt version.

The FiProTex® single pipe penetration seals are manufactured of a special glass fibre cloth with aluminium coating. Depending on the insulation arrangement requirement, a layer of mineral wool will be inserted.

The products detailed in this brochure will be accepted for compliance with the applicable Lloyd’s Register Rules and Regulations and with the international Convention for the Safety of life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974, as amended, for use on ships and offshore installations classed with Lloyd’sRegister and for use on ships and offshore installations when authorised by contracting governments to issue the relevant certificates, licences, permits, etc.

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