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Exhaust Shock Mounts

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Rubber Design developed the RDS shock mountings mainly for marine applications. These type of mountings can stand a linear shock deflection of 80 mm. The RDS shock mountings meet the requirements of all international shock specifications such as BV 043, BV 044, MIL-STD901D, STANAG 4142 and M.O.D. BR 3021.

The RDS shock mountings are particularly suitable for marine applications such as propulsion engines, diesel generator sets and auxiliary equipment where attenuation of low frequencies is required.

RDS – EPM Mountings
In addition to the existing RDS mounting range, the new EPM mountings (type RDS-C165/95, RDS-C165/126 & RDSC250/154) provide the ideal solution for the protection of small equipment (up to 10 kN per mounting) like water makers, pump sets, generator sets and hydro-packs, while also isolating the vibrations.

The unique Equipment Protection Mounting (EPM) design enables the mounting to absorb large shock displacements while ensuring an excellent vibration isolation. The RDS EPM has a linear stiffness over a wide load range varying from compression to extension which is necessary to maintain the optimum isolation properties. This new mounting range is the ideal solution for small rotary equipment which need a combination of vibration and shock isolation. The maximum deflection of the mounting as result of shock impact is as large as up to 50 mm in all directions. Due to the conical round shape the RDS EPM’s have identical stiffness characteristics in longitudinal and transverse direction.

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