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Conical Mountings

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The range of conical mountings was designed especially with medium speed engines in mind. The conical design provides high deflection and load capacity combined with long service life.  Although originally designed for main engine, auxiliary engine and generator installations, the mountings are particularly versatile and can equally be used for exhaust gas boilers and silencers. For applications like the suspension of deckhouses, accommodation rooms and control cabins, this mounting is an excellent isolator against structure borne vibration and noise, passive isolation.

The characteristics of the mounting are provided by a conical rubber element designed to carry the vertical load in a combination of compression and shear. The rubber elements for the mountings are produced in several types. Type RD 112, 113, 114, 214, 314 and 414 are produced with extra interleaf rings and type RD 115, 215, 315 and 415 without extra interleaf ring. The types RD 244 and 344 are produced with extra interleaf ring and opposite recesses to obtain different stiffnesses in three directions.

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