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BTM75-85 Pod Thruster

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Dualis Electra is the electrical Thruster developed by CMC Marine, the answer to a market which is increasingly demanding for electric thrusters with a high thrust/power ratio, and the maximum compactness. The BTM75-85 uses a new generation of electrical motors that, coupled with the up-to-date CMC Marine pod, offers all the advantages of the electrical thrusters, while volume and weight of the entire system are dramatically reduced.


A Variable Frequency driver (VFD) controls the electrical motor power absorption; moreover, it is shielded IP64 in order to guarantee the maximum safety and protection. Also the switchboard is shielded IP64, and it allows the user to modulate the propellers rotation both in speed and direction; moreover, the switchboard manages the control panels as well as the system alarms.

The joystick on the control panel allows the progressive thrust increase or reduction. The control panel is very compact, and it is available also in a version with a bow and stern thruster double joystick control.

Package consists of:

  • BTM75-85 Pod Thruster with Propellers
  • 90KW Inverter 3 Phase 380V
  • Electrical Switch Board
  • 2 Control Heads
  • Thruster Oil Lubrication Header Tank


This is a new stock unit.

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