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If the prime mover is an internal combustion engine, a highly flexible ARCUSAFLEX-VSK U-joint coupling (short form: AC-VSK) is required to protect the drive train from dynamic overload. Highly flexible AC-VSK U-joint couplings are capable of shifting resonant ranges below the lowest operating speed and of reducing resonance-induced vibratory torques under reversed stresses to tolerable levels.

-40 °C to 95 °C
390 Nm to 20000 Nm
Highly-flexible U-joint coupling



  • Linear torsional deflection characteristic
  • Elements available in different torsional stiffness’s
  • Enhanced damping capacity through frictional damping
  • Maintenance-free coupling bearings
  • Radial bearing close to the cardan joint
  • A variety of designs for different drive shaft configurations
  • Many types with SAE connection dimensions or as specified
  • Compact construction, the highly flexible element being protected by the housing
  • Fail-safe device visible from the outsideBY

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