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MyDriveTrain Start up | Marine Industrial Transmissions

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MyDriveTrain- Start Up

Eliminate the guesswork from your drivetrain system setup with our comprehensive Start-Up services. Trust in the proficiency of our MyDriveTrain specialists to handle every aspect of your system’s initiation. From precise installation to meticulous inspection and alignment, we guarantee peak performance from the first operation. Choose our experts for a seamless and efficient drivetrain installation quality assurance.

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Why choose MIT?

For over half a century, we’ve been the industry’s go-to experts for service, repair, and overhaul in the Marine, Industrial, and Off-Highway sectors. Our insight into the complexities of drivetrain systems has driven us to develop a comprehensive range of service support products designed to cater to the unique needs of our customers and their diverse equipment. From the initial design to startup and all the way through to lifecycle extension, we ensure your equipment performs flawlessly, keeping you moving forward.

Our partnership with leading manufacturers like Twin Disc, Transfluid, Servogear, Danfoss Drives, SIDES, ZF Marine, and Reintjes, along with our ability to service any make or model, positions us at the forefront of drivetrain solutions. Whether it’s  Ulstein, Masson, Norgear, Dana/Clark, Allison, Volvo, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Wartsila, or Veth system, our highly trained engineers are ready with OEM manuals and genuine parts to deliver exceptional service tailored to your business.

What services does MyDriveTrain Startup cover?

MyDriveTrain-Startup provides customers with a comprehensive suite of services and equipment to guarantee that your drivetrain system operates at peak performance from the very first start-up. Our offerings include:

  • Expert Installation: Installation, inspection, and alignment by MyDriveTrain specialists.
  • Laser Alignment Tools: Full laser alignment for cardan shafts and stern tubes.
  • Electronic Controls: Installation and calibration of state-of-the-art electronic control systems.
  • Mounting Solutions: A range of mounting options, including rotary, chock, rubber, and spring mounts, both flexible and solid.
  • Pressure Testing: Comprehensive pressure tests to ensure system integrity.
  • Bespoke Fabrications: Custom fabrication services are available upon request.
  • OEM Certified Commissioning: Certified commissioning of systems to OEM standards.
  • Analysis Services: Linear and vibration analysis to identify and mitigate potential issues.
  • Complete Installation Services: End-to-end installation services for all drivetrain system component
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What equipment can MIT work on?

We can work on any make or model of drivetrain, including:

Reintjes marine gears

Twin Disc transmissions


Danfoss AC Drives and other brands of invertor drive

Transfluid PTOs

✔  Deckma Hamburg oil in water monitors

ZF marine gears

✔  Electric and Hybrid drives including Bellmarine and Transfluid

✔ Couplings

✔ Twin Disc torque converters

✔ Quincy air compressors

✔ Clutches

Stern tubes

Cardan shafts

✔ Pump drives

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