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Service Solutions for the Marine, Industrial and Off-Highway sectors

At MIT, our drivetrain and propulsion systems expertise extends beyond basic maintenance – we deliver comprehensive life cycle support. For over half a century, we have been the trusted name in OEM standard aftermarket services, catering to a diverse range of sectors, including marine, industrial, and off-highway industries.

Our commitment to excellence and our extensive experience make us the premier choice for all your service and repair needs.


Contact our team today to find out more about our MyDriveTrain Lifecycle Support

Service packages for complete lifecycle support

We understand that drivetrains can be a bit complicated. That’s why we created MyDriveTrain, a range of service support products that cater to the unique needs of all our customers and equipment. Our support packages cover everything from design and start-up to life extension, so you can count on our expert help throughout your drivetrain’s lifecycle. Our goal is to keep your equipment running smoothly and to keep you moving forward.

Our service sectors

Extending the lifecycle of your vessel or application

At MIT, we go beyond providing basic maintenance and repair services. We believe in offering customised service packages that cater to your equipment’s specific needs throughout its entire lifespan. Our goal is to enhance its performance, improve efficiency, and help you save costs in the long run. Whether you need commissioning, preventative maintenance, service exchange, breakdown assistance, or technical consultancy, we have the expertise to tailor our service products to your unique requirements. Our primary preference is to utilise solely original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components for all overhauls, repairs, and maintenance, guaranteeing the highest work standard while remaining considerate of your budget.”

Minimising your downtime

Operating regionally and supported by our service centres in Kent and Yorkshire, our highly skilled engineers support customers across the UK, Ireland, and beyond. Equipped with fully tooled vans, we are capable of servicing any make or model of driveline or propulsion system, regardless of your location. Therefore, whether your equipment becomes non-operational in the North Sea or your rock crusher experiences a fault in a quarry, we have the necessary parts, skills, and manpower to get you back up and running, thereby maximising your uptime.

Why choose MIT? We are available 365 days a year. We have 21 mobile engineers. We have 14 fully equipped vans. We have 7 dedicated service support staff. We have 3 depots around the UK. We offer next day delivery on OEM parts

MyDriveTrain product range


MyDriveTrain – Startup

Take the uncertainty out of commissioning

Based on OEM training and specifications, our experts can install, inspect, align and to ensure installation quality assurance of your drivetrain system from the first start-up.


MyDriveTrain – Preventative Maintenance

Be proactive, not reactive

Enhance efficiency, prevent unexpected downtime, and minimise equipment degradation and costs through tailored maintenance programs that work for your business.


MyDriveTrain –  Spare Parts

The parts you need when you need them

Ensure minimal impact on operations by always having the right parts available in case of breakdown to maximise uptime and get your equipment back up and running.


MyDriveTrain – Repair and Breakdown

Trust us to get you back up and running

Comprehensive cover for all major drivetrain brands, components, and systems, offering both in-shop and on-site support for all types of repair and unplanned overhauls,tailored to your business.


MyDriveTrain – Retrofit

Retrofit for better performance and efficiency

Protect your business against component obsolesces with onsite audits, technical support and installation services to help you replace or upgrade your drivetrain system.



MyDriveTrain – Service Exchange

Maintain uptime with a fast alternative to repair

Minimise downtime with our various packages, including storage, swing units, and scheduled overhauls to quickly exchange parts and meet your business needs.


MyDriveTrain – Extended Warranty

Protection and peace of mind

Get better protection for your drivetrain components  and ensure better uptime, repairs, replacements, and a variety of warranty packages for up to 5 years*.



MyDriveTrain – Consultancy

Unlock Peak Performance and Cost Savings
Optimise your drivetrain system’s operational efficiency and uptime with our comprehensive technical support and consultative service.



Service Partnerships

Our market longevity means we have longstanding relationships with the most influential drive product manufacturers. Our engineers are factory-trained to the best standards, with access to factory manuals and OEM parts. We are approved service dealers for Twin Disc, Transfluid, Servogear, Danfoss Drives, SIDES, ZF Marine and Reintjes. We have the expertise to service or repair any make or model of marine or industrial gearbox or propulsion system, including Masson, Ulstein, Kumera, Nordgear, Dana/Clark, Allison, Volvo, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Wartsila,  and Veth. 

Case studies


“We have been working with Michael and the rest of the MIT Team for over seven years now, entrusting them to fulfil our service and repair needs on our fleet of two SIDES S3X and Carmichael Cobra ARFF vehicles. With safety at the heart of our business, we needed a supplier to keep our vehicles operational and on our runways. MIT’s impeccable response times and 24/7 support mean we suffer minimal downtime, and any repairs are carried out with genuine OEM parts and with no delay. We are delighted with the services MIT have supplied to us over the years, ranging from annual servicing and maintenance extending into total water pump replacements and vehicle livery redesigns.” Thomas De Carteret Fire Service Manager, Guernsey Ports, States of Guernsey


“Thank you for getting our gearbox rebuilt and the vessel running again after the frustration of waiting for the spares these past few weeks.
Michael was excellent. His expertise and knowledge of the job were outstanding even when he hadn’t worked on a Yanmar gearbox before, and his assistance explaining what had been done to Lloyds surveyor was second to none. – Neil Brown, Technical Super Intendent. Pentland Ferries


A: If you’re experiencing issues with your transmission not engaging or the gears clutching properly, it may be due to several factors. Please follow these troubleshooting steps to diagnose the problem:

  • Check your transmission fluid levels: Low fluid levels can lead to inadequate hydraulic pressure required to engage gears.
  • Inspect your hydraulic pressures: If the fluid level is adequate, verify that the hydraulic system is generating enough pressure.
  • For manual transmissions with mechanical shift: Check the gear linkages for any signs of wear or damage. Ensure they are correctly connected and functioning smoothly.
  • For transmissions with electronic shift: Inspect the solenoid connections to ensure they are secure and corrosion-free. Verify that all gear selector linkages are moving into full detent positions. This ensures that the gears are properly selected.

If you have checked these areas and continue to have problems, or if you are not comfortable performing these checks yourself, please feel free to contact us and one of our service team will be happy to help assist you. Transmission issues can be complex and require specialised knowledge and tools to diagnose and repair properly.

A: Experiencing a slipping transmission can be concerning and typically indicate a maintenance issue or internal wear. To address this problem, please follow these steps:

  • Check the transmission fluid level: A low fluid level can lead to insufficient hydraulic pressure, causing the transmission to slip. Ensure it’s filled to the manufacturer’s recommended level.
  • Verify the type of transmission fluid used: Using the incorrect type of fluid can adversely affect transmission operation. Consult your vehicle’s manual for the correct specification.
  • Sample the transmission fluid for debris: Look for signs of metal shavings or other contaminants in the fluid, which could indicate internal wear or damage.
  • Change the transmission filter: A clogged filter can restrict fluid flow, leading to slipping. Replacing the filter may resolve this issue.
  • Clean out the transmission suction screens: Similar to the filter, suction screens can become clogged and should be cleaned to ensure proper fluid intake.


If after performing these checks and maintenance steps the problem persists, it may be a sign of a more serious internal transmission issue. We recommend giving us a call so one of our engineers can carry out a comprehensive diagnosis and repair in this case.
Remember always to exercise caution when working with vehicle fluids and components. If you’re unsure about any of these steps, it’s best to seek professional assistance.

A: Discoloration and a burnt smell of transmission oil can indicate various issues depending on the type of vehicle or equipment you are using. Here’s what you should do based on your specific application:

For Marine Vessels:

  • Check Ship’s Log: Look for any recorded instances of windmilling propellers, which can cause undue stress and overheating in the transmission, leading to oil degradation.
  • Check Pressure: Verify that the transmission is operating within the correct hydraulic pressure range, as low pressure can lead to slippage and overheating.
  • Check Cable Adjustments: Ensure that control cables are properly adjusted for correct operation as misadjustments can cause improper gear engagement and contribute to overheating.

For Off-Highway and Industrial Applications:

  • Check for Worn-Out / Slipping Clutch Plates: Inspect the clutch plates for wear. Slipping clutch plates can cause the transmission to overheat, resulting in burnt and discoloured transmission fluid.

For both applications, it’s important to address any identified issues promptly to prevent further damage. If you are not equipped to perform these checks or if the problem persists after troubleshooting, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a certified technician who specialises in the type of vehicle or equipment you are operating. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to transmission issues can greatly extend the life of your equipment.

A: Yes, we provide tailored Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to support your business needs. We understand that every business is unique, and therefore, we offer bespoke terms and conditions designed to meet the specific requirements of your operation. Our SLAs can be customised to include specific provisions such as parts stocking, or service exchange options, to ensure that your fleet runs smoothly and efficiently with minimal downtime. Our goal is to work closely with you to create an SLA that aligns with your operational goals and provides the level of support you need to succeed.