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Electric Propulsion Ancillaries

Electric Propulsion Ancillaries

Looking for electric propulsion ancillaries? We can help.

Bellmarine offers a vast range of components to complement your electric propulsion system.

Control levers, batteries, displays, cooling systems, inverters for accessories on board, current converters, connection joints, propulsion shafts and propellers and solar panels form part of the range of accessories available.


Latest Technology

Bellmarine supply the batteries that utilise the latest technology for exceptional performance and durability. Bellmarine and Raymarine have also partnered to create the best system displays to provide all real-time performance and battery status data.



There are multiple options when it comes to choosing the right ancillaries and accessories for the electric system that each offer different levels of performance and pricing to suit your project requirements.


Complete System

The Bellmarine system is a complete package. There is no need to shop elsewhere for additional products. All necessary ancillaries are included and manufactured by Bellmarine providing the customer with maximum confidence.

Can any Bellmarine product be retrofitted?

All Bellmarine products can be retrofitted to a variety of application types. There is a lot of flexibility in the positioning of each part of the system to maximise the performance of the vessel.

Will I receive any support for during or after installation?

We can offer to install the complete system however we can also offer service support should the customer require if carrying out the install themselves.

Can you purchase ancillaries separately?

We can supply any Bellmarine product, it does not have to be a full package.

What if my vessel does not have space or weight allowance to have the necessary batteries onboard for the speed and power requirements?

It is possible to use a low emission genset as a range extender with the electric propulsion system. This would become a series hybrid setup where the genset charges the batteries when needed and the batteries power the motor. You can significantly increase the range of the vessel whilst maintaining low noise and emissions.

Electric Propulsion for Leisure & Cruise

Speedboat Electric Motor

Electric propulsion for motorboats

Motorboat operators can now enjoy, silent, emission-free full electric propulsion without polluting the environment.

Sail Boat Electric Motor

Electric propulsion for sailboats

Sailboat operators can now enjoy fully electric propulsion with our range of environmentally friendly inboard and outboard solutions.

Ferry Cruise Boat Electric Motor

Electric motors for cruise and ferries

Inland cruise and ferry operators can future-proof their business with Bellamarine electric propulsion solutions.

Narrow Boat Electric Motor

Electric motors for narrowboats

Barge and canal boat owners and businesses alike can now experience the luxury that is fully electric boating.