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Electric Inboard Motors

Electric Inboard Motors

Integrated electric propulsion using next-generation permanent magnet technology providing high performance and reliability. The technology can be fitted into new build applications or as a retrofit package to existing drive arrays, operating from 2-55kW motor level and up to an impressive 130kW at system level.

Bellmarine electric propulsion helps reduce water and atmospheric pollution, allowing vessels to navigate with maximum silence and respect for the environment. Perfect for protected marine areas, urban settings and inland waterways with ever-increasing restrictions.

Our systems start at £15,000 and are available in a range of configurations.

Inboard Motor Products



Allow direct drive to the propeller without the need for transmission due to integrated thrust bearings. This provides instant torque to the propeller. Slow speed motor control can allow accurate slow-speed manoeuvrability and quicker change of propeller rotation.



As well as using less harmful fuels, electric propulsion also helps protect the environment by completely reducing emissions. Further to this sound and odour pollution are reduced.


Operational Savings

Maintenance is greatly minimised, and the frequency of repairs is reduced due to fewer moving parts and the simplicity of electric design. Operation safety is greatly improved by the removal of flammable fuels and oils as well as low 48V options.

Explore our range of Inboard Motors from Small Boats to Yachts

Sail Boat Electric Motor


Looking for an electric motor for your sailboat? We can help.

Sailboat operators can now enjoy fully electric propulsion with our range of environmentally friendly inboard and outboard solutions.

Speedboat Electric Motor


Looking for an electric motor for your motorboat? We can help.

Motorboat operators can now enjoy, silent, emission-free full electric propulsion without polluting the environment.

Ferry Cruise Boat Electric Motor

Cruise and Ferry

Inland cruise and ferry operators can future-proof their business with Bellamarine electric propulsion solutions.


Day Boats

Motorboat operators can now enjoy, silent, emission-free full electric propulsion without polluting the environment.

Narrow Boat Electric Motor

Narrow Boats

Barge and canal boat owners and businesses alike can now experience the luxury that is fully electric boating.

Can two motors be used in one system?

More than one motor can be used for added system redundancy and greater power requirement. The Modularmaster incorporates system redundancy in one package using two Drivemaster motors.

Is it possible to add a reduction gearbox into the driveline?

The Torquemaster introduces the use of a Drivemaster with a mechanical reduction. A variety of gear ratios are available to get the desired output speed.

What cooling system is included with the Bellmarine inboard packages?

Each inboard product is available in an air-cooled to water-cooled variant depending on the power requirement and duty cycle of the vessel.  For medium, to heavy-duty a water-cooled system is often necessary.

What if my vessel does not have the space or weight allowance to have the necessary batteries onboard for the speed and power requirements?

It is possible to use a low emission genset as a range extender with the electric propulsion system. This would become a series hybrid setup where the genset charges the batteries when needed and the batteries power the motor. You can significantly increase the range of the vessel whilst maintaining low noise and emissions.