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Electric Hybrid Boat Drives

Hybrid Boat Motors & Drives

Commercial work vessels now have the option to reduce their impact on our waterways, protect our marine environment, navigate without noise and vibration and operate at significantly reduced operating costs.

Our hybrid and electric products for commercial vessels help pave the way for more sustainable drive solutions.

This industry-leading parallel-hybrid system allows the user to operate under both traditional diesel power, whilst regenerating battery charge, or under emission-free electric propulsion in electric mode, with booster options available. Available in a range of power options up to 1230kW.

Alternatively, Veth Propulsion offers a range of fully electric and hybrid rudder propeller solutions operating from 50 kW to 3MW.


Ultimate Flexibility 

With a hybrid setup the operator can use a conventional diesel system for the heavy-duty part of a cycle and electric propulsion for the lighter duty part thus giving the benefits of both higher diesel power with cleaner fuel-saving electric propulsion.


3 Mode System

The user can operate in diesel regen mode where the electric motors are used to recharge the batteries, electric mode where only the electric motors are in use and a booster mode where both combustion and electric are combined to attain perfect rotation speed at different levels of power.


Compact & Powerful

The Transfluid hybrid system is a very compact hybrid solution that can be used on a variety of vessel sizes and fitted in different ways. Can provide power up to 1230kW for large vessel applications.

Explore our range of Hybrid products from Small Boats to Yachts

Sail Boat Electric Motor


Looking for an electric motor for your sailboat? We can help.

Sailboat operators can now enjoy fully electric propulsion with our range of environmentally friendly inboard and outboard solutions.

Speedboat Electric Motor


Looking for an electric motor for your motorboat? We can help.

Motorboat operators can now enjoy, silent, emission-free full electric propulsion without polluting the environment.

Ferry Cruise Boat Electric Motor

Cruise and Ferry

Inland cruise and ferry operators can future-proof their business with Bellamarine electric propulsion solutions.


Day Boats

Motorboat operators can now enjoy, silent, emission-free full electric propulsion without polluting the environment.

Narrow Boat Electric Motor

Narrow Boats

Barge and canal boat owners and businesses alike can now experience the luxury that is fully electric boating.

Is fuel consumption better with a hybrid system installed?

A hybrid system ensures a considerably reduced fuel consumption of no less than 15% while navigating on combustion engine power without causing acoustic and atmospheric pollution.

Is it possible to run hotel loads and power auxiliary systems off of the hybrid system?

It is possible to install inverters that use the battery power to supply any existing systems on the vessel whether they are 12V or 24V.

When in electric mode, is the operation quiet?

You can expect and a dramatic reduction in operation noise when in