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Electric Motors for Day Boats

Electric Motors for Day Boats

Looking for an electric motor for your day boat? We can help.

Dayboat operators can reduce their operating costs, increasing profit and provide customers with a quiet and comfortable boating experience.

We have a selection of inboard and outboard motors with power ranging from 2kW to 130kW while allowing for slow and precise manoeuvring.

All our units offer the user low maintenance, reduced fuel costs and operational savings.

Operate in silence, at zero emissions using electric propulsion and stand ahead of the competition by offering fully electric self-skipper experiences.

Our systems start at £10,000 and are available in a range of configurations.


Explore Our Electric Product Range

Electric propulsion for motorboats

Motorboat operators can now enjoy, silent, emission-free full electric propulsion without polluting the environment.

Sail Boat Electric Motor

Electric propulsion for sailboats

Sailboat operators can now enjoy fully electric propulsion with our range of environmentally friendly inboard and outboard solutions.

Ferry Cruise Boat Electric Motor

Electric motors for cruise and ferries

Inland cruise and ferry operators can future-proof their business with Bellamarine electric propulsion solutions.

Narrow Boat Electric Motor

Electric motors for narrowboats

Barge and canal boat owners and businesses alike can now experience the luxury that is fully electric boating.



Operators owning and operating workboats. whether it be a ranger vessel, day hire, passenger ferry, harbour services vessel or trash skimmer, can benefit from our range of inboard and outboard motors with power ranging from 2kW to 130kW, delivering cost-effective operations and reduced emissions in locations of natural beauty.

hybrid commerical workboats

Commercial Workboats

Commercial workboat operators can take advantage of our industry-leading parallel-hybrid solutions operating up to 1230kW, allowing users to operate under both diesel and fully electric power. Alternatively, we offer a range of fully electric or hybrid rudder propellers operating at power ranges up to 3MW