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Electric Propulsion

Driveline experts

A greener solution to diesel power. 

Are you looking for an emission-free quiet propulsion solution? We have the answer. Save time and your impact on the environment with our marine electric propulsion solutions from Bellmarine.

Bellmarine offers a range of turnkey electric propulsion systems for both leisure and commercial vessels operating 2-55kW motor level and up to 130kW at a system level.

Our systems start at £10,000 and are available in a range of configurations.

Environmentally friendly propulsion.

We have a range of electric outboards, electric inbounds, electric motors and hybrid drive systems that can be fitted to new vessels and as a retrofit package. The Bellmarine motors deliver high torque and are very quiet in operation. Each of the Bellmarine products come in an air-cooled or water-cooled variant to cater for all duty cycles, light to heavy.

Government regulations that demand the conversion to sustainable propulsion, which are already in place in many parts of the world, are fast approaching and therefore it is important to be ahead of the game. Electric will become the future.

Electric motors can offer quiet, smooth, accurate manoeuvring and achieve zero to max torque instantly whilst enabling a safer method of operation whilst significantly reducing your carbon footprint and operational costs.

Furthermore, once installed a typical electric propulsion system will require minimal maintenance, unlike their combustion cylinder counterparts. Also, electric propulsion systems inherently have much fewer moving parts and so repairs are much easier to carry out which should occur at a less frequent rate.

It is not only new builds that can have electric propulsion installed onboard. Retrofitting an electric system is possible on any vessel including ones that have existing diesel systems.

The conversion to electric will save space and sometimes weight, it will allow a much cleaner area in the engine compartment and give your vessel a new lease of life! You can also choose to keep your diesel engine and convert it to a parallel hybrid system giving you the benefit of diesel power when needed alongside quiet emission-free electric power.

Electric and hybrid conversions are becoming increasingly popular and MIT can provide support during the entire project from design through to installation and after-sales support.

The most important difference is that hybrid propulsion will still include the use of either a diesel engine or diesel generator – the latter being more efficient and quieter.

A hybrid system will deliver the best aspects of both technologies with increased speed and range available from diesel component and emission-free, quiet, instant torque from the electric motors.

An electric propulsion system comprises of only motors, batteries, chargers etc, and uses electricity as the sole form of energy.

Parallel hybrid: Propulsion is gained through mechanical power from both electric motors and combustion engine simultaneously or separately. Both the motors and the combustion engine are directly coupled to the drivetrain.

Series Hybrid: Propulsion is gained through mechanical power from electric motors that are either powered from batteries or a diesel generator. Only the motors are coupled to the drivetrain.

Both electric and hybrid systems will include the propulsion system together including brushless permanent magnet motor and controller, with the throttle lever, display, batteries, charger and any necessary controls/wiring.

It is possible to use a low emission genset as a range extender with the electric propulsion system. This would become a series hybrid setup where the genset charges the batteries when needed and the batteries power the motor. You can significantly increase the range of the vessel whilst maintaining low noise and emissions.

Fully Electric

An electric motor is powered by batteries only and coupled to prop-shaft or drive unit.

Marine Fully Electric

Series Hybrid

An electric motor is powered by batteries. A gen-set is used to recharge the batteries as and when required for extended range.

marine electric propulsion

Parallel Hybrid

A hybrid module is mounted to an existing engine, a motor is mounted to the hybrid module. Can transmit drive through engine power or motor power from batteries. The engine must be electronically controlled.

marine electric



Zero-emission, sustainable operation, no smell and no noise!


Zero to maximum torque instantly, no waiting for engine revs to settle.
Systems from 48V to 384V, 2kW to 130kW

Cost Saving

Lower operational costs – minimal maintenance and fuel savings.

Electric Propulsion for Leisure & Cruise

Sail Boat Electric Motor


Sailboat operators can now enjoy fully electric propulsion with our range of environmentally friendly inboard and outboard solutions. From dinghies to yachts, we have the application to suit your vessel with power ranging from 2kW to 130kW while allowing for slow and precise manoeuvring.

Speedboat Electric Motor


Motorboat operators can now enjoy, silent, emission-free full electric propulsion without polluting the environment. We have a range of inboard and outboard motors to suit your vessel with power ranging from 2kW to 130kW while allowing for slow and precise manoeuvring.

Ferry Cruise Boat Electric Motor

Cruise and Ferry

Inland cruise and ferry operators can future-proof their business with Bellamarine electric propulsion solutions. With our range of inboard and outboard motors, operators not only reduce operating costs for their business but also improve passenger comfort and experience. We have the application to suit your vessel with power ranging from 2kW to 130kW while allowing for slow and precise manoeuvring.


Day Boats

Dayboat operators can reduce their operating costs, increasing profit and provide customers with a quiet and comfortable boating experience. We have a range of inboard and outboard motors with power ranging from 2kW to 130kW while allowing for slow and precise manoeuvring.

Narrow Boat Electric Motor

Narrow Boats

Barge and canal boat owners and businesses alike can now experience the luxury that is fully electric boating. Operate emission-free in near-complete silence as you leisurely explore beautiful canals and rivers safe in the knowledge you are causing no environmental damage. We have a range of inboard and outboard motors to suit your vessel with power ranging from 2kW to 130kW while allowing for slow and precise manoeuvring.

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