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Marine goes ‘Green’ for Seawork 2017 – securing the future of your business with hybrid/electric technology.

Marine goes ‘Green’ for Seawork 2017 – securing the future of your business with hybrid/electric technology.

Marine goes ‘Green’ for Seawork 2017 – securing the future of your business with hybrid/electric technology.

With hybrid/electric technology a hot topic within the industry right now, operators are looking for cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to ensure the future of their business. This year at Seawork, propulsion and driveline experts, Marine and Industrial Transmissions will be showcasing the Transfluid HM560 Hybrid and Electric driveline system, suitable for marine applications.

The Transfluid solution has been developed to suit commercial applications such as: workboats, windfarm crew transfer boats, pilot vessels, patrol vessels and is also suitable for a range of pleasure craft operations.

Within Europe, the technology has already been heavily adopted, with over 10 boatyards installing the system into their applications. To date, the hybrid module has been installed into 13 single engine craft and five twin-engine craft, with German manufacturer BAVARIA choosing the Transfluid solution as a partner to launch its first displacement boat with hybrid propulsion.

The HM560 module is engineering simplicity at its best. Designed to be fitted on any internal combustion engine with a suitable SAE flywheel and housing, and to any type of SAE standard transmission. The “electric machine” has a double function, working as an electric motor in the electric mode and as an electric generator in battery charging mode. The HM560 model can also be turned 360 degrees to achieve the best position onboard the vessel.

The system allows the user to work in three specific modes. Electric propulsion, to drive or sail at zero emissions in absolute silence. Engine Propulsion, using the electric machine as a generator to recharge batteries, and booster, which allows the electric motor during acceleration to assist the engine – providing extra torque to the driveline.

The engine power approved for the HM series can go up to 1100 kW (1475 hp) while the electric motor power can reach 300 kW (400 hp) by using four heads as power take-offs to fit the nominal 75 kW (100 hp) electric machines.

To install the HM system, all that is needed is an additional few hundred millimeters between the diesel engine and the transmission, allowing the unit to be fitted on new vessels or installed as a retrofit.

The flexibility of the system allows users to install on any head of an electric motor not in use, and supply hydraulic or electric appliances for onboard facilities. The HM systems have a series of SAE standard power take-offs to install pumps or any other accessories normally used on vessels.
The HM system can be easily fitted to any transmission system such as: mechanical or power shift variable speed drives, hydrostatic transmissions, marine gear boxes and cardan shaft.

For 2017 ‘Green’ solutions are high on the agenda for MIT, who will along with the Transfluid hybrid system, also discuss the Twin Disc ‘QuickShift EC300DP, power commander electronic control system complete with Dynamic Positioning interface’.

The Twin Disc Dynamic Positioning interface, paired with QuickShift marine transmissions (MGX series) and the EC300DP power commander electronic control system is a game changer for delivering high-performance DP. The Twin Disc solution is available at a lower cost than standard shaft designs, and positions fleets for huge cost savings by allowing instantaneous, shock-less and virtually constant forward and reverse shifting – keeping supply vessels on station. Drivelines can execute directional reversals at variable torque levels and reduced engine speeds more than 30 times per minute maintaining fuel efficient engine speeds even with low prop rpm.

The Twin Disc QuickShift transmissions and EC300DP controls are compatible with DP0 – DP1 – DP2 systems with standard shaftline propulsion and DP interface control packages.

MIT will also be discussing standard marine drivelines and propulsion systems from across the product portfolio, including marine transmissions, single and multiple pump drives, standard and hybrid marine transmissions, anti-vibration systems, boat steering systems and air compressors.

MIT will be exhibiting within the Pacific Orange hall, stand PO5, along with ATZ Marine Technologies who are part of the same group of companies. ATZ provide equipment sales, support, and consultation services to the marine, power generation, and petrochemical sectors and were established in 1998, becoming the sole UK agent for Deckma Hamburg, the oil-in-water monitoring specialists. The organisation then expanded its portfolio by becoming the sole UK agent for AEGIR-Marine and ACM Bearings, along with innovative brands such as, ABCON, Wavestream, and Tribomar.

MIT are also pleased to announce that they will be launching their new website at Seawork 2017, designed to deliver an improved user experience and an enhanced product selection tool, please visit

About Marine and Industrial Transmissions:
Since 1974, MIT has been designing, supplying and servicing transmissions and driveline systems across the UK, becoming a centre of excellence in driveline systems providing customers with full product life cycle support from system design, supply, commissioning, maintenance, repair, spares, and overhaul or replacement.
MIT have bases in southern and northern England, providing comprehensive UK and Ireland coverage along with an established global mobile support service, delivered by a highly trained and dedicated technical engineering team and a significant inventory of world class brands, including new and refurbished transmissions, driveline systems and spare parts.
MIT are the sole UK distributors of Twin Disc, Transfluid, Rubber Design, Arneson, Rolla and Quincy compressors.

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