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Quincy compressor introduces new CE approved screw compressor

Quincy compressor introduces new CE approved screw compressor

Quincy compressor introduces the most reliable, cost-effective CE approved screw compressor to the European market complete with an extended, no service contract warranty.

The compressed air experts, Quincy Compressors have introduced a new, robust rotary screw air compressor complete with CE approval to service the European market.

The newly acquired CE certification ensures the QGS screw compressor range meets European health and safety requirements. Quincy can now offer compressed air users the most robust and reliable oil-lubricated air compressor solution currently available on the market.

An impressive, no service contract needed, warranty!Rotary Screw Air Compressors

What sets the QGS screw compressor series apart is the industry-leading Quincy True Blue extended warranty, which includes an impressive airend/element, drive motor, heat exchanger and separator tank warranty without needing an additional service contract!

The Quincy QGS Series features cutting-edge technologies meeting the demands of a variety of applications, especially those looking for industrial air compressor solutions. With a smaller footprint, but all the advantages of larger compressed air systems, the QGS models operate with less noise and vibrations, increasing efficiency and making it suitable for a wide range of applications varying in size.

Robust, reliable extended unit life.

Available in a variety of configurations, the QGS models can work in temperatures up to 46 degrees celsius. Standard units are stocked at 10 Bar with an optional pressure change kit to optimise the unit for possible pressures of 6, 10 or 12 Bar. All models are also available either floor or tank mounted and have optional driers.

The units are both easy to maintain and offer stable, long-life compressed air solutions, engineered to provide reduced maintenance costs and minimal downtime.

· Start/stop controls on 5hp and 7.5hp units
· TEFC drive motor
· Wye-Delta starting
· 8000 hours synthetic fluid
· Low sound enclosure
· 5 Year True Blue warranty