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Since 1957 Transfluid have been leaders in developing Fluid couplings, Variable speed drives, Brakes, Clutches, Hydrodynamic Transmissions, Mechanical Couplings and Electric Machines into the Marine and Industrial Sectors.

The use of modern technology together with the careful choice of materials, accurate assembly and the meticulous testing of each unit produced has contributed to helping Transfluid develop extremely competitive and innovative products. Their talent, dynamic approach and  flair ensure they remain  focused on introducing products that continually satisfy a fast changing market’s needs. Thousands of customers have chosen Transfluid’s products for its wide range of applications.

Fluid Couplings

MIT offer a range of variable and constant fill fluid couplings.

For variable fluid couplings MIT supply the following options:
•    KPTO for internal combustions engines
•    KPTB for electric motors
•    KSL for variable speed drive and electronic controls

For constant fill fluid couplings MIT supply the following options;
•    K series for electric and combustion engines
•    SKF for combustion engines which are tight flywheel mounted
•    KX for those operating with oil or water
•    KFBD for constant fill up to 500kw.

Power Take Offs (PTO)

With a wide range of torque requirements across various uses industrial and marine applications,  MIT source and supply specific PTOs depending on the application and end use.

•    The HFO-HFR is oil activated for power up to 1300kw
•    The SU is a self-standing PTO
•    SAE provides standard output and a radial load capacity.  It provides power up to 300kw.
•    SH-SHC provides torque up to 2500Nm, the PTO, has torque up to 11500Nm and the PF with elastic coupling provide torque of up to 16000Nm.

Electronic Control Systems

MIT supply an M-PCB microprocessor controller for 12 to 24V DC systems with advanced clutch protection, operation and monitoring.

•    Integrated hydraulic and air power pack drive logic
•    Event logging (latest 1000 events registration)
•    Controlled engagement monitoring (including soft start granting full driveline protection)
•    Clutch overload protection
•    Engine and load speed display
•    Real time data acquisition capability

Hybrid and Electric Technology

The industrial market has been focused on developing new technologies to reduce their ecological impact on land and sea. Global awareness of air, noise and water pollution attributed to internal combustion engines has caused vehicle manufacturers to invest large amounts of money and resources into developing hybrid systems used in automobiles and small commercial vehicles. However, because of the wide variety of driveline designs used in industrial and marine markets, a standardized, quality, heavy duty “hybrid product” has been impractical to develop. Accepting the challenge to provide a hybrid product for this neglected market

Accepting the challenge to provide a hybrid product for this neglected market Transfluid is ready to introduce a solution for low to medium power marine and industrial applications. For decades Transfluid has been manufacturing a wide range of power transmission equipment and electric motors/generators.

Profiting from their experience in thousands of industrial and marine applications and using their existing technology it resulted in the development of the technology of the future.

The hybrid system works in three specific modes: –

  • Electric propulsion to drive or sail at ZERO emissions and in absolute silence
  • Engine propulsion that uses the electric machine as generator to recharge the batteries
  • Booster function that allows the electric motor, during acceleration, to assist the engine in providing extra torque to the driveline.

How it works

The input side is a hydraulic or pneumatic controlled clutch. When disengaged, the engine is disconnected from the rest of the driveline allowing the vehicle or vessel to be operated by the electric motor instead of the engine. During engine operation, the clutch is engaged and the electric motor becomes a generator, recharging the batteries, if required. By operating the engine and electric motor at the same time, the “booster” operation is engaged, increasing the total available power to the driven machine. All operations are controlled via Transfluid’s proprietary electronic controller MPCB-R5, which communicates with all equipements through CAN BUS protocol, making the system a simple “plug and play” solution.


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