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Established in 1979 Rubber Design is one of the international leading specialists in offering solutions for vibration, noise and shock related problems.

Rubber Design specialise in anti-vibration technology by combating vibration and noise problems by isolating the source of the disturbance. With accurate calculation of data and a commitment to ‘solving any problem’ Rubber Design are able to effectively apply the latest standard of product, and embrace the development of unique bespoke solutions should the need arise.

With a outstanding product portfolio in vibration and shock control, Rubber Design are able to a variety of applications to the Maritime and Industrial sectors, ranging from:

  • Engine manufactures
  • Exhaust gas systems
  • Naval Ships
  • Custom build for super yachts

MIT represent Rubber Design in the UK and are proud of this strong relationship, tailoring our customer needs with Rubber Design solutions for a variety of applications.

Anti Vibration Mounts

Rubber Design anti-vibration mountings are vibration and noise isolators suitable for a variety of vibration producing machinery, including internal combustion engines, generator sets, pumps, compressors, centrifuges and also instrument panels, switch boxes and control cabins.

Two types of anti-vibration mountings are available:

  • MP-mountings
  • Steel spring isolators

Multi-purpose mounts allow mobile applications on trucks and on board of ships. They achieve an optimum result and are maintenance free.

Steel spring isolators are designed for land based installations with high vibration isolation. Typical applications for the standard mountings are for example generator sets, air conditioning machines and electrical equipment.

The medium and heavy duty isolators are designed for industrial machinery such as fans and shredders, boilers and even complete power plants.

Conical and Sandwich Mountings

Rubber Design’s range of conical mountings is designed specially for medium speed engines providing high deflection and load capacity combined with long service life.

Although originally designed for main engines, auxiliary engines and generator installations, these mounts are particularly versatile and can be equally used for exhaust gas boilers and silencers and structural suspensions.

This mounting is an excellent isolator against structure borne vibration and noise, passive isolation.

Shock Mountings

Rubber Design are leading the way in the control of shock and vibration onboard naval vessels – with a product portfolio designed to protect the sensitive  and essential equipment they carry.

At the forefront of designing new solutions for the ever increasing international military demands, Rubber Design are able to deliver a new generation of shock mounts, with minimum shock transmissions and a maximum vibration isolation, which includes,

  • Cable Mountings
  • Exhaust Shock Mountings
  • Rubber Shock Mountings

The Rubber Design shock mountings are developed to provide maximum protection to a particular groups of equipment.

The RDS shock mountings are suitable for marine applications such as propulsion engines, and diesel generator sets.

The unique EPM mountings provide the ideal solution to protect small rotary equipment, such as, water makers, pump sets, generator sets and hydro-packs.

Sandwich mountings are manufactured for main and auxiliary engines and gearboxes.

Cable mountings combine the characteristics of all-metal multidirectional anti-vibration and anti-shock mountings and can be used for the isolation and protection of sensitive electronic equipment, generators, pumps and compressors.

Exhaust Bellows & Compensators

Rubber Design develops and produces a wide range of bellows and compensators that provide the compensation of thermal or mechanical movements, absorption and isolation of vibration, noise and shock.

There are two types of stainless steel expansion bellows:

  • Singles
  • Doubles

Single bellows units are used to absorb axial movement, while double units are used where lateral movement is present. Rubber Design supplies a stainless steel bellows with a low stiffness, which achieves in combination with the flexible suspension, the best control of vibrations and forces in pipe systems which provides optimal lifetime.

Rubber compensators are of the highest quality to guarantee maximum safety and performance. This has developed in to a wide range of range of products that over the years have proven their quality and durability for cooling water, fuel and lubrication oil pipe work systems.

Exhaust Equipment

Rubber Design has extensive experience in the control of exhaust vibrations and noise emissions, and are able to offer total solutions to the unwanted effects from exhaust systems.

Their extensive portfolio offers:

  • Flexible Suspension
  • Stainless Steel Bellows
  • Deck Penetrations
  • Heat Reducing Bulkhead Penetrations

Rubber Design combines the benefits of various products, using hanging and standing flexible fixed points as well as stabilizers to reduce the noise and vibration transmission to the ship structure, along with controlling the thermal expansion to the stainless steel bellows in the exhaust system.

Marine Propulsion Equipment

Rubber Design is a leading specialis in offering a range of anti-vibration solutions and associated marine propulsion equipment to an industry that relies on performance – even when running on top speed or in heavy weather, never  compromising the comfort of passengers.

The Rubber Design range of propulsion equipment inclides:

  • Marine Couplings
  • TG Mountings
  • Thurst Bearings
  • TT Mountings

Rubber Design, via MIT,  can perform a complete dynamic analysis of a vessel’s propulsion system in order to select the correct coupling and engine mounts for each application.

CAD drawings (2D/3D) of the thrust blocks and ERD marine couplings are available in different formats and can be easily imported into the CAD drawing of the complete propeller shaft installation. All thrust blocks and ERD marine couplings can be delivered with the required classification approval.

MecLev Mechanical Levelling

The MecLev® is an adjustable and re-usable steel mounting chock, that can be used for mounting all types of rotating or critically aligned machinery. The MecLev® is a mechanical stiff chock that is very easy to install and makes machinery alignment more simple, accurate and quick! The self-levelling feature (spherical top part adjust itself to the correct angle when installing the element) in combination with height adjustment, helps eliminate the risk of soft foot problems underneath your machinery!

Why use MecLev® instead of existing solutions?

  • MecLev ® elements help to align and re-align your machinery quick and accurate;
  • MecLev ® guarantees fast and simple elimination of soft foot under your machinery;
  • MecLev ® elements eliminate time consuming and expensive machining of steel chocks;
  • MecLev ® elements eliminate the extra work required when installing epoxy resin chocks;
  • MecLev ® elements are re-usable;
  • MecLev ® elements are self-levelling;
  • MecLev ® elements can handle angular difference between machine foot and foundation up to 4⁰;
  • MecLev ® offers the highest adjustable range on the market for adjustable chocks;
  • MecLev ® offers the highest rated load on the market for adjustable chocks;
  • MecLev ® offers the best mechanical properties on the market for adjustable chocks;
  • MecLev ® elements are designed by people with more than 25 years of field experience.
Some applications:
  • Compressors
  • Engines
  • Electric engines
  • Generators • pumps
  • Gearboxes
  • Fans
  • machining tools.

The MecLev ® design Years of field experience, combined with the newest calculation methods have resulted in an exceptional design with already proven success, making MecLev ® the best adjustable chock design on the market.

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