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Electronic Propulsion

Bellmarine electronic propulsion is a European leader in marine electromobility, offering turnkey propulsion systems that deliver simplicity in installation and ease of use.

Electric boating starts at Bellmaine

In the world of electric boat drives Bellmarine offer years of experience, quality, innovation, and guaranteed boating pleasure.

Perfection in every detail 

Any Bellmarine electric propulsion unit installed below deck are of the highest quality. Moisture and salt can take their toll and can affect the durability of drive systems. With Bellmarine, only the best materials are selected to ensure the highest level of durability across the full product portfolio.

E-motion in propulsion 

All Bellmarine electric propulsion systems are developed in and manufactured in Italy and the Netherlands. With thousands of electric propulsion systems in use, Bellmaine has set the standard.

With Bellmarine you are not only assured the highest quality but also at a price point that provides a competitive edge within the market place.


Bellmarine offers environmentally-friendly electric propulsion solutions both pleasure and commercial vessels, offering electric outboards, electric inbounds, electric motors and hybrid drive systems.

The technology can be fitted into new build applications or as a retrofit package to existing drive arrays, operating from 2-55kW motor level and up to 130kW at system level.

Bellmarine electric propulsion helps reduce water and atmospheric pollution, allowing vessels to navigate with maximum silence and respect for the environment. Perfect for protected marine areas, urban settings and inland waterways with ever-increasing restrictions.

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