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Arneson by Twin Disc

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It took the vision and determination of acknowledged mechanical innovator and offshore racing enthusiast Howard Arneson to perfect the performance and reliability of surface-piercing propulsion.

Arneson personally piloted his unlimited boat to numerous wins as well as the 1987 Offshore World Championship. Along the way his surface-piercing propulsion system quickly became the dominating force in offshore racing. Twin Disc made Arneson Surface Drives available for non-racing applications – pleasure craft, commercial vessels as well as military applications. Today, Arneson Surface Drives are renown as the fastest, most efficient, fuel-friendly propulsion systems on the planet.

No other marine propulsion system is so adaptable to such a wide range of engine sizes and types. There’s an Arneson model designed specifically to fit virtually every powerplant option, accommodating torque outputs exceeding up to 30,000 LB-ft.

MIT have represented Twin Disc in the UK for over 35 years and are proud of this long standing relationship. Tailoring our customer needs with TwinDisc solutions for a variety of applications.


With conventional systems, a fully submerged propeller at high revolution disrupts or churns the water across the blades, thereby losing bite and sacrificing propulsion. The propeller of an Arneson Surface Drive expells the air/vacuum at the surface portion of the revolution, thereby leaving clean water for the propellers to bite into at the submerged portion of the revolution and enhancing propulsion.


With the ability to adjust propeller submergence while underway, you can align the engine power curve to the hull’s planing power curve. Converting more power to thrust while the engine is operating within its rated power curve makes for better performance and fuel efficiency.


Since there’s no conventional underwater shaft, strut and rudder, Arneson Surface Drives reduce underwater drag by as much as 50%. The only surfaces to contact the water besides the hull are the propeller blades and protective skeg. Less drag results in higher overall speed, quicker acceleration and a better payload-to-power ratio. The clean hull requires less draft so it allows greater access to shallow-water harbors and prime cruising grounds.


Reduced drag and more efficient thrust gain more propulsion from less horsepower. You can reduce engine costs by spec’ing a smaller powerplant and still get the acceleration and top-end performance you need. Because there’s 50% less drag, Arneson Surface Drives can help improve fuel economy up to 15%.

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