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Why you no longer need to upgrade your hydraulically actuated clutch!

Why you no longer need to upgrade your hydraulically actuated clutch!

A retrofit solution for the now obsolete PT Tech HPTO12TS-100

MIT, the experts in industrial drive solutions, has designed a retrofit solution for the HPTO12TS-100, saving you considerable upgrade costs! 

MIT has developed a like for like clutch package that directly replaces the superseded HPTO12TS-100 without the need for expensive software and hardware upgrades.

The HPTO12TS-100, widely used within the quarrying and recycling industry, in its current format, is no longer available. As spare parts become harder to source, users are left having to upgrade their current model.

An upgrade alternative

Replacing the older version is a clutch that requires not only a retrofit but also calls for the user to upgrade their current control system and wiring harness. Resulting in a costly upgrade.

As on OEM alternative, MIT has a replacement clutch package that works seamlessly with all existing machine infrastructure. Supplied as a retrofit option the MIT HFO314 can be quickly and efficiently fitted on-site and has a 12-month manufacturing warranty as standard.HPTO12TS-100

The HFO314 manufactured by Transfluid has for over 20 years been a proven and robust clutch used on mobile crushing applications with a history of durability and reliability. Due to its size, the HFO314 is a perfect retrofit option for the HPTO12TS-100 as it drops into existing housing consistently without loss of functionality or power delivery. 

The like for like model delivers the exact functionality as the original HPTO12TS-100

  • Self-adjusting for improved wear
  • Push-button start-up
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Monitors and reports system status
  • Prevents operator clutch wear 
  • External rotary union 
  • Designed to absorb shock loads.

A proven technology – Crusher case study

 A crusher operator approached MIT as they were reporting multiple issues with their current HPTO12TS-100 clutch. Along with continuing operating problems, the operator was struggling to source spare parts at a reasonable cost/timeframe. The unit in question had already had various repairs but was continuing to present issues.

On investigating the unit, MIT discovered a failure of the internal seals, which had caused a leak to the hydraulic oil resulting in the contamination of the friction plates. As these two components do not mix well, the result was a reduction in torque transmission and if left unrepaired, due to the constant slip can result in internal fires.

The contaminated friction plates also had severely worn teeth and excessive wear on the back-plate dowel pins, causing misalignment within the unit.

MIT then conducted full in-house technical evaluations and was able to scope, design and supply a complete retrofit package. The new package utilised all existing controls fitted perfectly within the existing wiring harness.

The package was extensively tested over some time and resulted in a fully operational machine and a happy customer with access to timely and affordable spare parts, repairs and service.

Save time and money with the robust and proven MIT replacement clutch package