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MIT welcomes Driveline Solutions leaders for a landmark gathering

In an event that signified a pivotal progression for our group, MIT had the honour of welcoming the Managing Directors of Driveline Solutions; part of the  Axel Johnson International group that MIT are part of, to our Queenborough facility in Kent.

Representatives from across Europe, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria, and Poland, were given an extensive tour of workshops. They observed our skilled engineers meticulously carrying out specialised upfits and comprehensive overhauls, reflecting the passion and precision at the heart of our operations.

This visit also served as an ideal platform for MIT to unveil our strategic vision and demonstrate the distinctive capabilities that distinguish us within the industry. The resultant discussions were rich with insights, laying a strong foundation for cooperative ventures and collective advancement within our business group.

The conversations initiated here continued to unfold in London,where the group spent two further day  talking about innovative strategies for mutual growth. The visit not only solidified existing relationships but also heralded the dawn of new collaborative opportunities.

We take immense pride in having hosted our Driveline Solutions affiliates and eagerly anticipate the future triumphs that will stem from this historic meeting.