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MIT conquering the London to Brighton Cycle Ride 2023

The London to Brighton Cycle Ride: A Test of Perseverance, Unity, and Camaraderie

On a scorching day in London, a group of determined individuals gathered early in the morning to embark on a challenge that would test their physical and mental limits. MIT leadership and service team members, including John Logue, Thomas Binns, Chris Britner, Michael Hamilton, Jon Stone, Rob Hale, Harry Rowe, Gary Downes, and Rob Clayton, came together to participate in the iconic London to Brighton Cycle Ride.
This 54-mile cycling event covers steep climbs, winding roads, and various terrain.

The team’s goal was not only to conquer the distance but also to support each other every step of the way, even amidst the relentless heat. And they did just that. Through perseverance, unity, and camaraderie, the team completed the ride, proving that with determination, support, and team spirit, there is no limit to what can be achieved, no matter how hot the path ahead may be.

The London to Brighton Cycle Ride is a challenging event that requires participants to push themselves to their limits. But it’s also an opportunity to come together as a team, to support and encourage one another, and to achieve something amazing. And that’s exactly what the MIT team did.

The London to Brighton Cycle Ride was more than just a physical challenge. It was a reflection of MIT’s commitment to excellence, teamwork, and pushing boundaries, even in challenging circumstances. It was a reminder that with determination, support, and unity, there are no limits to what can be achieved, regardless of the weather.

All ready for the off!