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Marine Gears. Turning horsepower into profit!


Marine Gears. Turning horsepower into profit! 

How preventative and predictive maintenance can ensure uptime, maintain productivity and reduce costs

With vessel owners looking to keep operating costs to a minimum and with repower or upgrade plans on hold, gearbox maintenance should be a priority for any business to maximise vessel performance, remain operational and extend the lifecycle of existing driveline equipment.

Avoid expensive repair bills

 Downtime can be costly to businesses that rely on their vessels to be out at Sea. Preventative maintenance activities are interventions that prevent breakdowns that decrease profitability.

Ensuring routine maintenance schedules are maintained can be the difference between your vessel remaining operational, or your business incurring expensive and time-consuming breakdowns and un-planned repairs.

Additionally, failure to keep a sound maintenance schedule can have a significant impact on performance, and typically presents in one or more of the following problems;

  • Premature deterioration of clutch plates
  • Increased wear on working parts within the gearbox
  • Water contamination into oil and gearbox
  • Corrosion of gearbox and internal parts
  • Poor clutch engagement
  • Oil leaks
  • Excessive fuel usage
  • Reduced engine performance
  • Loss of efficiency in the gearbox.

Marine Gears. Turning horsepower into profit!

Risktec, 2019, Optimising the cost of maintenance,

Predictive maintenance

Not only does a sound service schedule keep your vessel in optimum running condition, but it also allows for the prediction of upcoming repairs to reduce the impact on the business and a vessels operation.

During a driveline inspection, standard maintenance procedures are carried out alongside component inspection to predict any future gearbox failures.

Keeping both an up to date service schedule and gearbox inspection timetable is the gold standard for keeping reactive repairs to a minimum. Utilising both of these techniques to monitor the condition of your gearbox will reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Maintaining your driveline efficiency

Covering the UK and Ireland, MIT has a team of highly skilled mobile engineers, with driveline maintenance forming the basis of the whole life support ethos that drives the organisation. Offering a proactive service solution that manages the entire inspection/maintenance cycle from parts sourcing to labour – ensuring your vessel is operating at its optimum efficiency.

Using genuine OEM parts, our team of mobile service engineers can carry out;

  • Full driveline inspection
  • Oil change
  • External filter change
  • Suction screen flush through
  • Inspection/replacement of drive coupling
  • Change of valve springs
  • Controls inspection
  • Gearbox and shaftline alignment
  • Borescope and internal inspection of gearbox
  • Oil sampling and diagnostics.

Twin Disc, ZF, Reintjes, Masson, PRM, Nico, Servogear, – We are the gear experts! 

MIT are approved service partners for Twin Disc, ZF, Reintjes, Nico and Servogear. With an extensive working knowledge of all marine gearboxes and service schedules, MIT also has comprehensive experience working on both Masson and PRM gearboxes.

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