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Innovative marine solutions and extensive service and repair capabilities on display at Seawork 2018

Innovative marine solutions and extensive service and repair capabilities on display at Seawork 2018

Seawork 2018

For the 20th consecutive year, MIT will be exhibiting at Seawork, one of the largest European commercial marine exhibitions, where on stand PO5 they will showcase why they are the experts in marine propulsion and driveline systems.

With an array of innovative and forward thinking technology from world leading brands, and an industry leading service, repair and overhaul capability, MIT are not only the experts in product supply, but excel in whole  life-cycle vessel support to both standard diesel and environmentally friendly driveline solutions.

 As we see ever tightening emissions regulations within the industry, operators are looking to reduce their carbon footprint with sustainable alternatives to diesel power, whilst reducing operating costs and engine maintenance, future proofing of their business.

Experts in Electric and Hybrid technology, Transfluid are dedicated to delivering cost-effective and environmentally friendly systems to workboat operators and continue to further develop their Electric/Hybrid driveline system. On display at Seawork 2018, the system offers unique flexibility which surpasses rival models, allowing the operator to work in three specific mode:  Electric propulsion, to drive or sail at zero emissions in absolute silence. Engine Propulsion, using the electric machine as a generator to recharge batteries, and Booster, which allows the electric motor during acceleration to assist the engine – providing extra torque to the driveline.

The system can be easily fitted to any transmission such as, marine gear boxes, hydrostatic transmissions, cardan shaft and water jets has an approved engine power of up to 1100kw (1475 hp), with the electric motor reaching 400 kw.

To install the HM system, all that is needed is an additional few hundred millimetres between the diesel engine and the transmission, allowing the unit to be fitted on new vessels or installed as a retrofit, making the system an ideal solution for ports and commercial operators. MIT, in collaboration with Goodchild Marine Services will this year feature on the Seawork conference agenda, exploring how moving away from diesel power can aid the workboat sector.

With innovation at the forefront of the MIT portfolio, steering solutions which complement the build of custom workboats also take a front seat at Seawork 2018. Esteer, a plug-and-play technology developed by Twin Disc offers users reliable, robust features such as dual bus technology, adaptive steering, dynamic rudder control and more. Engineered to excellence, E-STEER was designed for both operators and boat builders alike. The ease of installation makes it the perfect partner to any propulsion system, delivering a smooth, vibration free drive, and is suitable for vessels large and small.

This technology has redundancies built into the steering system, ranging from basic with dual bus technology to full redundancy. Each control has two CAN-bus communication links between devices, and primary and secondary power inputs, with audible alarms for loss of either supply.

The optional dual control system serves as a backup in the event of a failure, providing the end user with peace of mind, along with providing adaptive resistance through speed sensing technology. Resistance is increased or decreased based on the vessel’s speed, giving the operator better control over the helm, and effortless, precise steering. With dynamic rudder control E-STEER constantly and proportionally adjusts the range of movement based on the vessel’s speed — preventing extreme and unsafe rudder angles and reducing the potential for accidents.

And innovation does not stop with steering and hybrid solutions! Official suppliers to the Sir David Attenborough Polar Research Vessel, Rubber Design also introduce their latest mount technology, the TT1X – a high performance torque thrust mount.

Listening to customer feedback, the TT1X was designed specifically for increased acoustical demands. This new mount series broadens the bandwidth of load-capacity and sets a new standard for the resilient suspensions of high speed engines with close coupled gearboxes.

With a load capacity higher than most other mounts on the market, combined with the compact and proven design, this mount enables simpler and more cost effective resilient mount solutions. Additionally, this mount is equipped with new, patented technologies, to even further increase its performance and reliability. Built from the highest quality materials, the choice for the TT1X means opting for a fail-safe solution, which will perform satisfactory in the field for many years.

With over 40 years of industry experience, MIT is more than just component parts. Visit MIT on stand PO5 where they will also be discussing their extensive system design, service, preventative maintenance, and overhaul capabilities available on most models of marine drivelines. MIT are official UK/Ireland distributors for both Twin Disc, Transfluid, Rubber Design and Quincy, along with being official service partners of ZF Marine, Reintjes and Servogear.

MIT will also be discussing standard marine drivelines and propulsion systems from across their product portfolio, including marine transmissions, single and multiple pump drives, standard and hybrid marine transmissions, anti-vibration systems, boat steering systems and air compressors.

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About MIT:

 Since 1974, MIT has been designing, supplying and servicing transmissions and driveline systems across the UK/Ireland, becoming a centre of excellence in driveline systems providing customers with full product life cycle support from system design, supply, commissioning, maintenance, repair, spares, and overhaul or replacement.

 MIT have bases in southern and northern England, providing comprehensive UK and Ireland coverage along with an established global mobile support service, delivered by a highly trained and dedicated technical engineering team and a significant inventory of world class brands, including new and refurbished transmissions, driveline systems and spare parts.

 MIT are the sole UK/EIRE distributors of Twin Disc, Transfluid, Rubber Design, Arneson, Rolla and Quincy compressors.

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