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Industry News: Tesab launch their biggest hybrid jaw crusher to the market

With the growing concern over climate change and the need to shift away from fossil fuels, there has been a surge in innovation within the capital equipment industry towards the development of hybrid and fully electric plant and equipment. This week, Tesab, a leading player in hybrid development within the crushing industry, has announced the release of their second hybrid electric jaw crusher in the range- the 800ie.

The Tesab 800ie is the largest mobile hybrid jaw crusher in their range, boasting a capacity of up to +450tph and fuel consumption of less than 26LPH. With all-electric drives during the crushing process, this machine offers maximum efficiency, minimal environmental impact, and lower maintenance requirements. Furthermore, this crusher can be powered via the Removable Onboard Diesel Genset or connected to Main Utility Electric power, enabling ZERO emissions crushing. The variable speed on the crusher unit and feeder system also allows for a variety of applications.


Find out more about the Tesab 800ie mobile jaw crushers here.