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Highlighting Our Dedication Beyond World Mental Health Day

Highlighting Our Dedication Beyond World Mental Health Day

In the traditionally male-dominated maritime sector, the importance of mental health has never been more crucial. It’s a topic that deserves more than just one day of recognition, and at MIT, our commitment to mental health extends throughout the year, as recognised by our recent Health and Wellbeing Award at the National Maritime SME Awards 2023 last month. 

Breaking Stereotypes: Mental Health in the Maritime Sector:

In an industry where resilience and strength often take centre stage, addressing mental health can be seen as breaking the mould. However, the reality is that mental health matters and it’s a topic that affects everyone, regardless of gender or profession.

The Year-Round Approach:

While World Mental Health Day is important to highlight this critical issue, we firmly believe that our commitment to mental wellbeing should not be confined to a single day.

Our Pledge to Mental Health All Year:

MIT’s dedication to mental health transcends dates on the calendar. We’re continually working to create a supportive, inclusive environment where every team member can thrive emotionally and professionally.

Supporting Mental Health Beyond World Mental Health Day:

  • Regular training and awareness programs.
  • Access to Mental Health First Aiders year-round.
  • Promoting work-life balance.
  • Providing resources for stress management.
  • Encouraging open communication.

In the maritime sector and beyond, mental health is a vital aspect of a thriving workforce. At MIT, we’re not just advocating for mental health on World Mental Health Day; it’s an ongoing commitment, day in and day out, because we understand that our employees’ wellbeing is the cornerstone of our success. Together, we sail towards a brighter, healthier future.