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Are you considering hybrid technology for your business?

Are you considering hybrid technology for your business?

Making the first move to Hybrid/Electric propulsion is a big step and often requires considerable investments of time and money.

We have an excellent opportunity for any vessel owner/operator/builder who is considering making this change, whilst considerably reducing the risk and investment required. We are looking for a partner to work with us to integrate one of our Transfluid S.p.A hybrid solutions into an existing vessel.

This retrofit project will see us fit a hybrid drive system into your existing drive array and will allow you to bring hybrid/electric propulsion to your business.

Operate at zero emissions while achieving fuel and operational cost savings as one of our flagship reference vessels within the UK.

Are you :
● Passenger ferry
● River cruise
● Patrol vessel
● Utility vessel
● Small workboat
● Small fishing boat.

If so, we can offer you:

✔Subsidised hybrid system (Transfluid HM560)
✔Less risk switching your vessel to hybrid
✔Full specification and integration assistance
✔20kw electric power.

For further inforamtion, please CONTACT US to email Tom Binns