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Celebrating 50 Years of Partnership: MIT and Twin Disc

As MIT celebrates a momentous 50-year milestone, we also honour a partnership that has stood the test of time – our collaboration with Twin Disc.

From our company’s inception, MIT’s founder, Rodeny Hill,  laid the groundwork for a partnership that has not only endured but also thrived. This relationship has been a cornerstone of our success, allowing us to expand and strengthen our presence in the industry.

Just last week, John Logue (Managing Director), Euan Kelso (Sales and Technical Director), Chris Britner (Operations Manager), and Keith Stevenson (Marine Product and Sales Manager), represented MIT at the Twin Disc EMEA Distributor Conference. There, they embraced the future of maritime and industrial innovation, engaging in discussions that will undoubtedly enhance our collaboration.

The conference was a treasure trove of knowledge, providing our team with a deeper understanding of Twin Disc’s upcoming initiatives and how these can synergise with MIT’s expertise. This exchange of ideas is set to pave the way for a future where our partnership will continue to flourish.

As we reflect on our shared journey with Twin Disc, we are instilled with a sense of pride and gratitude. Here’s to celebrating the past 50 years and forging ahead for many more to come. Our history is rich with achievements, and our future brims with possibilities.

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