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Twin Disc Pilot Vessel

Forth Puma

Forth Ports, a UK based port owner and operator have chosen to install Twin Disc gears to their full fleet of 6 pilot vessels.

The latest addition to their fleet, the Forth Puma, operates out of Granton Harbour, running pilotage operations with oil and gas and petrochemical tankers and container ships to neighbouring terminals and plants on the Firth of Forth

Onboard the Puma, Twin Disc Quickshift MGX-5136SC were selected as the gear of choice coupled to two Scania DI16 engines, allowing the vessel to operate at 625hp @ 1800rpm at a top speed of 27.5 knots.

In addition, the Twin Disc EC300 electronic propulsion control system also affords the vessel smooth precise and ultra-fast clutch engagement, putting ultimate control in the hands of the operator.

Vessel Type: Pilot Vessel

Shipyard: Holyhead Marine

Owner: Forth Ports

Commissioned: June 2018

Main Engines: 2 x Scania DI16

Total Power: 625hp @ 1800rpm

Marine Gears: Twin Disc Quickshift MGX-5136SC 1.73:1 reduction

Electronic Propulsion Control: Twin Disc EC300

Overall length: 16m

Top Speed: 27.5 knots (sea state 2)

When ordering our new vessel, we specified the Twin Disc Quickshift MGX-5136SC as this would keep continuity amongst our fleet and also the crews were familiar with operation of this gearbox, the smooth and direct drive through the main engine ease of controls, the main factor is the technical support, with back up service that M.I.T provide to our fleet. David McFadyen, Engineer Manager floating Plant. Forth Ports.

Case study with thanks to Forth Ports. For further information, please visit,

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