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Reintjes Gearbox Inspection

Tina C

Reintjes Gearbox Inspection

Internal inspection of Marine Transmission, inspecting all gears and bearings. Visually check external components, looking for excessive oil leaks and checking wiring connections.

The internal inspection was carried out by removing two access covers on the port side of the gearbox to perform a full inspection of all bearings and gears. Using the borescope camera a closeup picture of the PTO shaft roller bearing and ball bearing was obtained.

The oil was visually examined and appeared ok. The crew perform an oil sample check every 6 months and carry out an oil change at that time, along with cleaning of the filters. As the next oil sample was due to be taken in December, it was decided not to take a sample at this time. The filters were removed and examined and can be seen below. As there were no new filters onboard, I was unable to change and cut open the old ones for full inspection, however, the oil and the filters looked in very good condition.

Location: Immingham

Vessel Type: Bulk Carrier

Gear Model: SVA 750 P

Gear Ratio: 4.407: 1

Overall length: 99.6 X 14.5M

Top Speed: 9.6 Knots

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