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Partial gearbox overhaul of Masson Marine gearbox


Shipyard: MMS Hull

Vessel Type: Bunkering vessel

Design: South Boats Special Projects Ltd

Engine: Moteurs Baudouin 12M 26.2-A255

Total Power: 725Kw x 2

Marine Gears: Masson 

Ratio: 1/5:913

Overall length: 79.84m

Weight: 2743 gross tonnage

Speed: 7.8 kn / 13.6 kn


When Whitakers Tankers needed to get their Masson Marine gearbox partially overhauled on their vessel, the Whitdawn, they came to the MIT. Our engineers travelled to the dry dock in Hull, where they were met by a huge crew of teams who were also onboard carrying out other work on the vessel. Having so many different groups onboard at the same time brought access challenges meaning that, at times, there was not enough room for our engineers to carry out the work. Our team had to be a little more flexible with their working scheduling, heading back to the workshop when they couldn’t get access and returning to the vessel once space freed up.
As part of the overhaul, our engineers stripped down the whole transmission insitu, leaving only the input shaft group and input oil seal untouched. The clutch, housings, valves, and ancillary parts were all disassembled, appraised, and replaced where required. They then cleaned and rebuilt the transmission.

I was so impressed by the MIT team’s professionalism, communication and flexibility when they carried out a partial overhaul on our vessel. The initial job spec expanded somewhat due to several factors; however, this did not faze the guys. They just got stuck in and got on with the job. They kept me fully informed and appraised of everything they were doing and sought approval before replacing or repairing parts that were out of the initial job spec. The team were excellent, and I would without question use MIT again. – Tim Broughton- Marine Technical Superindentant, Whitakers Tankers




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