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Implementation of Fluid Coupling in Rock Crushing Machine Electrification

Type of Project

  • Driveline solution supply and technical integration in the electrification of  rock crusher drive system for an OEM manufacturer

Initial Enquiry

The electrification of an impact crusher, designed for rock crushing applications, faced significant cost challenges due to the expensive electrical soft start equipment cabinets. These cabinets house variable speed drives (VSDs) and breakers, which contribute to the high initial build cost. The operational environment of these machines, which is typically warm and dusty, requires additional cooling and ventilation systems to maintain and protect the electrical components from overheating and contamination. We were approached by an industrial machinery manufacturer to support them in finding a solution to this problem that was cost-effective and fit for the arduous conditions that the machinery typically worked in.


To address these challenges, a mechanical alternative to the conventional electrical soft start systems was proposed. The integration of a Transfluid 24KSDF constant fill fluid coupling into the drive line between the 160kW, 1500rpm electric motor and the impact crusher was recommended. This solution presented several advantages:

Initial Purchase Savings

  • Reduction in Costs: The use of a constant fill coupling eliminates the necessity for costly electrical soft start cabinets, VSDs, and breakers.

Operational Environment Adaptability

  • Resistance to Harsh Conditions: The mechanical nature of the fluid coupling makes it less susceptible to damage in warm and dusty conditions, which diminishes the need for expensive cooling and ventilation systems.

Maintenance and Durability

  • Enhanced Lifespan: Mechanical systems, such as the constant fill coupling, often exhibit greater durability and require less maintenance in harsh environments compared to their electronic counterparts.

By integrating a fluid coupling, the impact crusher benefits from a smoother and more controlled ramp-up to full operational speed. This prevents the equipment from experiencing the shock loads and mechanical stresses typically associated with direct starts.

Specs and Details

  • Manufacturer: OEM machinery manufacturer
  • Type of Machine: Impact Crusher
  • Type of Applications: Crushing
  • Main Engine: 160kW 1500rpm motor drive
  • Shaft Diameter: 80mm
  • Pulley: 8 groove SPB 365 (with a slight increase to accommodate for slip)

The product supplied and recommended by MIT for this application is the Transfluid 21 and 24 KSDF, which is suited to meet the requirements of the impact crusher’s drive system.


The implementation of the Transfluid fluid coupling has proven to be a cost-effective and reliable solution for the electrification of rock crushing machines. This mechanical approach to soft starting not only reduces initial investment costs but also offers operational advantages in demanding environmental conditions, leading to improved overall system reliability and reduced maintenance needs.


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