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Emission free water taxi powered by Bellmarine

The Watertaxi 30 XL from Alumax is an aluminium taxi boat that services the city of Rotterdam.  The vessel is completely emission-free and offers the cleanest form of passenger transport by water. The Watertaxi 30 XL is equipped with two 20Kw 96V water-cooled Bellmarine Drivemaster electric motors. In addition to the environmental benefits, the Watertaxi 30 XL is also silent and hardly gives vibrations while sailing.

Find out more about Alumux’s watertaxi’s here.

Length: 12.17m

Width: 3.15m.

Draught: 0.66m

Weight: 4000kg

Passenger capacity:50

Motors: 2x 20kW Drivemaster

Chargers: 40kW total Battery: 114kW/h

Charging time: 3 hours

Battery backup: 1.5 Kw – 76km total

Cruising speed: 11km/h

Max. speed: 15km/h

Safety inspections: ES-trin inspection, RI&E inspection, port regulation inspection


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